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When Life Requires You to Pivot

As an undrafted free agent, Shawn Pointdexter faced the harsh realities of the NFL, including the politics of the sport and the immense pressure to perform. His openness about these challenges and his eventual injury provides listeners with a raw and authentic perspective on the struggles many athletes face. As he transitioned out of the NFL, Sean had to reconcile his identity as an athlete with his new pursuits. This episode highlights a journey that many of us can relate to and the search for purpose and fulfillment beyond one's initial career path.

Sean's journey is emblematic of the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the choppy waters of life after letting go of the NFL dream. His candid reflections provide a blueprint for others facing similar transitions, regardless of their industry. In our conversation, Sean shares how fearful and anxious he was during that time and still can be when he dwells on the uncertainty of the future, which is actually a blessing in disguise because it brought him to this work. Shawn now understands the importance of taking care of not just his physical health, but his spiritual, emotional and mental health as well.

Sean's coaching role at Santa Barbara High School allows him to impart the wisdom he's gained through his experiences to young men. He emphasizes the transformative power of sport, particularly for youths from challenging backgrounds, and discusses the nuanced dynamics of coaching and mentorship. It's in these moments that Sean's passion for giving back and fostering the next generation shines through, but he must also learn how to make a living and become successful as the sole financial provider in his family.

While Shawn enjoys coaching and working 1:1 with young men, he is most invested in figuring out how to excel in the real estate industry. He is recognizing that fear and anxiety show up whenever he is trying to do something new where he feels he has to prove himself to others. Shawn doesn't like where he is at in his career development but nothing will get better until he accepts the reality of his situation. Once he does that and increases his self-awareness, he can learn to live consciously and create what he wants on purpose.

Shawn is not the only one of us who had to deal with major disappointments and unexpected turn of events. When life throws us these curve balls and our present moment is challenging, we have three choices. We can accept our reality, change it or leave it. Judging it or wishing life was different and feeling sorry for ourselves is not going to get us any closer to what we want. In fact, it will just cause us needless suffering.

So does any of this bring up any Brain BS for you? Have you had to make a pivot in your life that was not expected? Are you accepting the reality of that situation or are you fighting against it? Shawn's journey is a reminder that with the right mindset, support, and dedication, it's possible to make a pivot and land on your feet.

This podcast episode offers a compelling narrative that extends beyond the boundaries of sports, delving into the human experience of uncomfortable emotions with curiosity and insight. It's a narrative that's sure to resonate with anyone who has suffered life's disappointments and wants to get back out there to tackle Plan B.

Call To Action

Reflect on what I have written here and listen to The Brain BS Podcast that accompanies this blog post. After you do that, journal about when in your life you were required to go with Plan B because Plan A did not work out.

Then write all the ways Plan B ended up working in your favor and what would be different in your life if you did not go that route and share it with us in the comments below. Now feel the gratitude from your head to your toes and embody it.

Hint: It's always happening for you, not to you!

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