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Hello:) My name is Maureen Kafkis and I am a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, a Certified Life Coach, and the host of The Brain BS™ Podcast. I bring my community building skills, Brain BS expertise, knowledge of how to live my Human Design and the principles of Universal Laws together in a "spiri-practical" way that can inspire everybody from the new-age spiritualist to the diehard scientist. Whether you call it mindfulness, living consciously or raising your vibration, my greatest asset as a coach is honing in on the Brain BS™ that is keeping you stuck in old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you and inspiring you to go inward for the answers.  


 Even though I picked up my first self-help book, Seat of the Soul, back in 1996, I never applied what I learned in that book (and many others) to my daily life. My overall dissatisfaction with both my life and myself continued no matter how many books I read. It was not until after my father died that I decided to make my emotional and mental health the number one priority in my life.

 I was so tired of feeling fat and beating myself up every time I looked in the mirror. I was tired of worrying about what other people thought about me and feeling like I was always doing something wrong. I was tired of constantly being stressed out beneath the surface and trying to hide it. I knew I didn't want to rely on food and alcohol as a way to feel better anymore, but I didn't know how to feel better without it. My relationships were suffering and I was afraid the best years of my life were behind me. I knew something was way off but was not sure what it was until I picked up A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

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 That book started an amazing new chapter for me and introduced me to my ego! I was so relieved to realize I was the observer of my thoughts and that they did not actually define me in any way. Getting certified as a life coach and learning my Human Design also made me more aware of the mind/body connection and the importance of reprograming our subconscious. That marked the beginning of realizing that all change begins with the way we are thinking and that everything we do or do not do is to feel or avoid an emotion. I also learned that approaching relationships from a spiritual perspective is much more effective than a psychological one because we can do it by ourselves!

 I want to share what I have learned with other people because it is life-changing! I want to show people how to challenge the BS in their brains, push through their discomfort, and live their absolute best life. I want everybody to know that it is never too late to change and anything is possible if we are willing to look within and make living consciously a priority. I believe doing this work together in a collaborative community setting is the way of the future. Humans are wired to connect with one another and are meant to succeed together. Not only is it way more fun and meaningful to do this work with others , it  also has a bigger ripple effect and impact on the entire planet than if we do the work alone.

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Maureen Kafkis

When I am not discussing all things Brain BS™ or promoting living consciously, you can find me hanging out in Santa Barbara with my friends and family. I love riding my e-bike, hiking the trails, taking long walks on Hendry's Beach and playing pickleball, I also enjoy all the local restaurants, doing wine tastings on the Urban Wine Trail in the Funk Zone,  and exploring all the beautiful nature in the area.

 When I am in  IL, I love spending  time with good friends and family and hanging out with our pups, Ginger and Basil:) I  also love cruising in my convertible, walking in nature, paddle-boarding on Lake Michigan, playing pickleball with my group, and kayaking in the nearby Lagoon. Whether I am here or there or anywhere, living consciously is always my #1 priority,


I am on a mission to inspire you to make your emotional and mental health the #1 priority in your life, like I did. I believe my spiri-practical approach to  living consciously in a collaborative community is the best way to do that. I can show you how to love yourself, create new relationships with old habits, and that change is accessible to you no matter how old you are. No more staying stuck in dissatisfying relationships or settling for less than what you truly want. It is time to start building a solid belief foundation in yourself and to start creating a nervous system that can support success. The only thing standing between you and what you want is your Brain BS, and I just happen to be an expert on how to manage that. Trust me, if you are reading this, I am your guide and here to show you how to transition from a life full of fear and doubt, to the life you always wanted with confidence and certainty. The question then is are you ready?

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