Hi! I am MK. I am a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, a Certified Life Coach, and the host of The Brain BS™ Podcast. I bring my knowledge of science, spirituality, and psychology together in a unique way that inspires everybody from the new-age spiritualist to the diehard scientist. Whether you call it living a deliberate life, living consciously or raising your vibration, my greatest asset as a coach is to know what approach is best for you and to hone in on the brain BS™ that is holding you back.

I picked up my first self-help book, Seat of the Soul, back in 1996 and have been hooked on them ever since! I have always tried to apply what I learned and would meditate here and there, but it was not until my father died over five years ago that I decided to make my emotional and mental health the number one priority in my life. 

 I was tired of feeling fat and beating myself up every time I looked in the mirror. I was tired of worrying about what other people thought about me and like I was always doing something wrong. I was tired of the constant people-pleasing and making everybody else a priority. I was tired of being afraid of technology and feelings of inadequacy. I was tired of being stuck in apathy and desperately wanted to feel better. I was so tired of all the self-help not helping!

I finally had enough of not being enough and followed my intuition to sign up for an online doctorate program. I was terrified of technology but decided to trust in myself and the process.  This marked the beginning of an amazing transformation in my life and I have been tackling one fear at a time ever since. Self-coaching inspired me to push through my fears, change my perceptions about myself, and reclaim my personal power.

I want to empower other women to do the same! I don't want anybody to suffer needlessly as long as I did. I want to show women how to challenge the BS in their brains, push through their discomfort, and  live their absolute best life. I want women to realize the life they really want is there for the taking if they just have the courage to go within for it! 

When I am not empowering other women to live a more deliberate life, you can find me spending time with my husband and stepdaughters in Santa Barbara, CA . I love riding my e-bike, hiking the trails, and taking long walks on Hendry's Beach.

 If I am not in Cali, I am usually in IL  spending time with good friends and hanging out with my besties, Ginger and Basil:) I also loves cruising in my convertible, walking in nature, paddle-boarding on Lake Michigan, and kayaking in the nearby Lagoon.

Ladies, I am on a mission to help other women stop being afraid of personal growth and to achieve what they once thought was impossible with passion and confidence. I know first-hand that process begins with loving yourself first. I want all of you to know it is not too late to get aligned with your inner purpose, reclaim your personal power, and love your life again! Think of me as your guide who is about to take you on the most profound journey you will ever experience. Trust me, trust yourself, and trust the process. I know exactly what approach to use with you and exactly where to take you. Come on! Let's get started!