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How to Handle Getting Emotionally Triggered

Turning emotional triggers into a source of power and strength is not just a valuable skill for personal development, but also a crucial skill to require for leadership. In a world that is crazy and unpredictable the ability to remain composed and utilize one's emotional reserves effectively requires leadership energy. This process takes you through fours stages where I go from being unconscious and reactive to conscious and thoughtfully responsive.

The first stage is what I call Dwelling in Negativity. This stage is characterized by discomfort and blame, and it's a space that many of you will find yourselves trapped in because you don't realize it is optional. This is the stage where I am super critical of whoever is around me and make them the problem. It's always a red flag for me when I am looking outside myself for the answers and forgetting to go inward. It's also a bad place to be in terms of Law of Attraction because what I put out to the Universe is what comes back to me. That being said though, sometimes I want to stay in that space until I am ready to get out of it and it is up to the individual to decide when that will be. I am not talking about toxic positivity here or spiritual bypassing. I am talking about self-empowerment and being intentional about what I create.

I also want to bring up Law of Polarity here because people often think their prayers are not being answered because the answers don't look the way they think they should. Then they get very negative and think something has gone terribly wrong. This is not type of energy you want to emit but it is typically how we react when we don't get what we want. If you can trust (and that requires a lot of work!) that the Universe knows way better what is best for you, it will be easier to accept when you don't get what you want. Also keep in mind that the Universe won't give you what you can't handle which means you have to have a nervous system that can support success. If you aren't getting what you want, you aren't ready for it.

The second stage is what I call Waking Up. This is the moment of realization where one recognizes that their negative patterns are merely constructs of the mind. It's an intellectual understanding that leads to an emotional acceptance and eventually to a change in behavior. It's about recognizing my Brain BS and learning to navigate through it rather than being controlled by it. This process is deeply personal and requires me to be honest with myself and about my emotional reactions. For me to really wake up and embody the truth, it also requires me to have a verbal conversation with whoever I happen to be blaming (often my husband) and own my poor behavior and apologize for it. Many people who do not do the work I endorse spend the majority of their lives in this stage.

Progressing to the third stage becoming Proactive and Positive again is where I get back to really good self care and practicing gratitude for an abundant mindset. I share some of the tools in the podcast episode that I have gathered over the last few years that help me get back to a frequency that works for me. Some of those tools includes journaling, meditation, and seeking guidance through intuitive readings like Akashic Records or Intuitive Human Design readings (you can listen to the podcast episode to learn more about how much I rely on my Human Design to operate on a daily basis). This third stage is where one actively works towards attracting abundance and aligning with the universe's support so you can create what you really want on purpose. Law of Cause and Effect determines that taking actions from this place is more likely to get you what you really want than if you took them from stage 1 energy.

I call the fourth and final stage Lit up Leader. This is where I operate at my best and inspire the people around me. I love this stage because I am full of passion and feel calm, centered and grounded in trust that everything is happening for me, not to me. This is where I feel unstoppable and confident of my purpose and mission. FYI you get to spend a lot of time in this stage when you choose to make living consciously a priority.

One thing you can count on as a human with a brain is that you are going to get triggered over and over again throughout your lifetime. It's normal and a part of the human experience. And the truth is every time you get triggered is an opportunity to wake up and step back into leadership energy. Now you have a clear process for how to do that!

In terms of Law of Attraction and Law of Cause and Effect, I am way more likely to attract what I want as a lit up leader emitting a high frequency than I am in any other stage. That is why it is so important to use the tools I shared with you today and the ones I have spoken about on The Brain BS Podcast over the last few years. In terms of Law of Reciprocity if I stay in stage 4 energy and keep adding to my value bank and doing things for others, the Universe is going to bring it back to me but not necessarily from who I helped. So bottom line, keep adding value to the world and your success will be inevitable.

I know it can be difficult to learn how to do all this on your own with a course (Mastering Brain BS for Success) so that is why I created The Brain BS Community to give you the support you need. I also go one step further and offer 1:1 coaching to whoever is ready to dig deep and go all in on learning how to live consciously. Getting triggered is a part of life so having intentional strategies and an understanding of universal laws can help you to effectively process through the four stages with ease..

Call to Action

Now that you are aware of the four stages of how I work through getting triggered, I am wondering if you can recall a time where you were triggered. How did you behave in that first stage? Were you as critical as I get when I am triggered? Did you say something you regret? Are you still in that space and blaming the other person?

If you can recall a time where you were triggered and now you understand it better, find the person of who was the recipient for your unconscious behavior and own it. Apologize, explain why you are, and let it go. then come back here and share in the comments below how it played out for you.

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