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177) Getting Out of a Rut Consciously

Updated: Feb 10

In our lives, the monotony of daily routines and habitual behaviors can lead to a sense of feeling stuck in a rut. It The key to changing our behavior lies in our willingness to meet ourselves where we are, our understanding of our subconscious patterns, and our ability to trust the process.

Episode #177 of The Brain BS Podcast delves into the significance of recognizing the subconscious and unconscious forces that keep us tethered to our habits. Whether it's smoking, drinking, or any other routine that has lost its purpose, understanding these underlying motivations (what Debbie Ford calls hidden commitments) is critical for us to create sustainable change. I have recently come to understand this in a profound way with learning to drink consciously and redefine what weekends are all about. I have a totally different outlook now than I did a few years ago when I first planted the seed of intention to reduce my desire to drink alcohol.

Was it easy for me the first time I tried to imagine life without my weekend wine habit? Not at all! That is why we must remember that trying to make changes is not about flawless execution; it is a journey with many missteps that present an opportunity for personal growth. The podcast episode underscores the necessity of not only maintaining a high energy frequency but also taking aligned actions consistently with the belief that we are going to manifest what we want as long as we don't give up.

This work is a transformative process that requires trust and remaining open to all the possibilities and lessons learned along the way. This brings to mind the Law of Polarity where we often don't think our prayers are being answered because the answers don't look like we think they should. The Universe is way smarter than we are so if you are not getting what you asked for it is because the Universe has something better in store for you. Meaning your prayers are always answered!

Typically, when we start to doubt the outcome and whether or not we can achieve what we want, it is because it is taking longer than we think it should. We must embrace the concept of divine timing and to let change unfold naturally one step at a time. As we evolve from one version of ourselves to another, we must again meet ourselves where we are with compassion and continue taking aligned actions toward the changes we are creating.

In summary, getting out of a rut is consciously is so much more effective then doing it from a space of negative energy. Tapping into curiosity and experimentation can make change easier and even light hearted. By managing our minds and maintaining our own energy and learning to trust ourselves to make decisions, we can break free from the confines of habitual ruts and the negative emotions that often accompany them.

Call To Action (CTA)

The conversation about breaking free from life's ruts is not just a matter of theory but also a call to practical action. I want to encourage all of you to engage with the content share your experiences here in the comment sections. How did this episode and blog post impact you and what was your biggest take-away?

If you are inspired, I would love it if you decided to participate in The Brain BS Community where living consciously is the main priority. Change can be hard at times but if we support one another and approach changing our habits with curiosity, it is way more pleasant and manageable. Just click on the BBSC link above in the menu to check out the community that also comes with The Mastering Brain BS for Success course.

Click on the link below to listen to this week's Brain BS Podcast episode.

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