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50) How to Fill the Half Empty Cup Using the Principles of Universal Law

This week in The Brain BS™ Blog and Podcast I am going to focus on a couple Universal Laws and how we tend to look at our lives from our subconscious mind, and why this is not a good idea! Here you go!

· The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

· The Law of Cause and Effect

· How to Fill Up the Cup

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

Okay, we are going to learn about a couple Universal Laws today and how they relate to one another in terms of how we experience life on a daily basis. Before I get into details about two laws in particular, I want to touch on where these laws come from. According to Universal Law Expert David Neagle, they come from sacred religious texts from all around the world and science; physics to be precise. Now I am not gonna lie, I almost flunked Physics in college. In fact, I hated that class with a passion. I never understood a word the professor was saying but since I was good at looking like I cared and I showed up to study groups every weekend, the TA gave me the gift of a C-. LOL, maybe if Neagle had been teaching me, I would have gotten a better grade. Regardless, it is important to recognize that everything we need to know to continue moving forward in this Universe is provided by these two sources.

So now that we understand where the laws come from, I want to begin by talking a little bit about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. This law dictates that all energy in the Universe is constantly moving from non-form through form, and back to non-form again. Energy is constantly moving through our subconscious (ego) or conscious mind (higher self), and that determines what goes on in the world around us. For example, if our Brain BS is running the show with racing thoughts and a constant negative commentary, we are going to bring that information to our conscious mind and get results we do not desire. That could look like the boyfriend cheating on us or the other candidate getting the job we wanted. If the higher self is in charge, the outcome will be different! Unfortunately, the subconscious is always working while the conscious mind likes to take lots of vacations and breaks away from thinking. This is problematic because our subconscious is programmed into us from early on in life with thoughts that do not usually serve us. Most of us spend our entire lives unaware that we are carrying around thoughts that were forced upon us by others and that they are producing a negative impact on our lives. We do not understand our own brain filters, patterns and routines that skew our perception of the world.

On the other hand, if we use our conscious mind to create an image of what we desire, we can push that into our subconscious and reprogram our mind to get what we want. As humans, we often forget that nothing outside of us is going to create the results we desire. Success is already inside us, and we begin to create it with the way we are thinking. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation gives us the opportunity to create an amazing life just by living consciously and funneling energy in a way that works for us. What is living consciously? Being aware of how you are thinking, choosing your thoughts on purpose, and taking the actions to get the results you want.

Now before I go onto the next law, I want to briefly mention a subsidiary law of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation and that is called The Reciprocating Law of Spirit. This law dictates that spirit will manifest whatever form it receives. This means spirit cannot change subconscious energy into conscious energy or vice-versa. This is non-negotiable so living consciously is everything!

Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect dictates that you cannot have a cause without an effect, and you cannot have an effect without a cause. When Neagle talks about this law he points out our conscious mind is the greatest computer ever created in the Universe. Why? Because choosing thoughts begins the process of changing the effect. This is why every single problem in the world is solvable because, the solution is found in the way we are thinking.

A good example of this process was Thomas Edison trying to invent the lightbulb. When Edison was attempting to create electric lighting, it began with an image in his mind that came from the Universe. We know this because that kind of lighting did not exist at that time. Edison knew he wanted the effect of the light bulb being lit up, but he did not know what cause would make that happen. Therefore, he had to go through a painstaking process of trial and error and failing forward until he figured it out. If Edison just kept thinking about it but did not test and apply what he was learning to the physical world, he would have never figured out the cause and would not have invented the lightbulb. Cause and effect inspire inventions and creativity and keep everything moving forward. It is how we continue to grow and become more efficient, or how we stop doing something because it is inefficient.

There are two subsidiary laws connected to Cause and Effect that I want you to know about. The first one is the Law of Psychological Reciprocity which dictates that everything you put out comes back to you, but not necessarily from where you might expect. It also means if something negative comes your way, step out of the way and let it keep going. If you keep putting good energy out there, it is going to find it’s way back to you. Same holds true if you put out negative energy, negative will come back.The second subsidiary law I want to share is The Law of Commitment which means we commit whether we are conscious of it or not. Translated, this means we have to be aware of subconscious commitments that are sabotaging our efforts and the opposite of what we consciously want.

Before we move on to how to apply all of this, I want to tie the Law of Perpetual Transmutation and the Law of Cause and Effect together in a simple way that can be easily understood. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation means energy either moves through our subconscious brain or our conscious brain and depending on which one it is, our external results and circumstances will be either negative or positive respectively. Understanding that this law exists, gives us the opportunity to create exactly what we desire and bring order to an otherwise chaotic Universe. This is how we reclaim our personal power! Remember, every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Whatever we are experiencing in our lives, is the effect caused by our thoughts. This means we get to determine our human experience way more than we ever imagined possible if we learn to manage our minds. To be clear though, thoughts alone are not going to get us what we want. We also have to be willing to repeatedly test our ideas in the physical world until we find the specific cause linked to a particular effect.

Filling Up the Half Empty Cup

Now this is where we get to the good stuff, and I give you a personal example of how these Universal Laws can literally fill up our empty cup if you choose to live consciously. Given that we have a choice of what we want to manifest in our lives, why not choose order and what we desire over chaos and suffering? That might seem like a silly question, but this is what the majority of us are doing because we do not know any better. I was guilty of this myself until I became aware of how much I was causing my own suffering.

I will give you a personal example. I did not get married until I was 40. Even though I desperately wanted to find that special man by the time I hit my 30s, it just wasn’t happening. I consciously wanted to settle down and find somebody to love, but subconsciously I was terrified of that happening. An intimate relationship required a willingness to be vulnerable and the ability to trust myself, a man, and the process! Oh hell no, I was not even close to that. Not to mention, I did not love myself at that time so there was no way I was going to believe that somebody else would. I don't know about you, but when life offered me disappointment back then, I reached for a big glass of wine and some fattening food. Yep, that superficial hit of dopamine felt pretty good when I needed to escape my life and uncomfortable feelings. There I was in my late 30s, and all of my friends were getting married and moving on to the next phase of their lives. I was lonely and depressed and numbing myself with food and beverage and it was not working too well anymore. Aside from the fact that I was gaining weight, I was also pretty miserable and sick of being stuck in the same place for so long.

Now let’s talk about how the Universal Laws came into play here. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy was definitely channeling my subconscious where all my fears and doubts lived. I was not aware of living consciously then, so I was just operating in automatic mode and manifesting exactly what I did not want. I wasn’t doing it on purpose, I just did not know any better. As far as the Law of Cause and Effect, there is another way to look at this when I look back on it now, but at the time, I did not see it clearly. I believed that the cause of my unhappiness was that I was alone, and the effect was that I was eating and drinking more than I wanted, which lead to being unhappy. Now when I look at that, I see that I was eating and drinking more than I wanted and unhappy, which was actually preventing me from meeting somebody special.

So are you wondering how I finally ended up finding my husband? Well this might not seem connected but I decided to stop drinking for a year because my intuition was screaming at me that it was time to emotionally mature and grow up and stop numbing myself! Oh not only did I stop drinking, I did online dating stone cold sober before it was remotely cool to do it, Haha. Suffice it to say, I had some pretty awful dates and experienced many uncomfortable feelings. However, they did not kill me and I grew stronger and more resilient as a result. It ended up being a year of major personal growth for me that changed my life and then my approach to dating. Because I put all that positive energy out there with my thoughts and actions, the Universe rewarded me with my husband. It was shortly after that year of sobriety and evolution, that I met Bob playing beach volleyball and the rest is history. This speaks to the subsidiary Law of Psychological Reciprocity where when we put something positive out there, we will get it back but not always in the way we expect it. Taking a break from alcohol, cleaning up my thinking, and learning to love myself sent both a conscious and subconscious message to the universe that I was committed to everything a relationship entails. Hence, I was finally able to manifest what I truly desired.


In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary for us to live consciously if we want to create the results we desire. Otherwise, we are living from our subconscious mind that has been programmed from birth with thoughts that are not serving us. This means that even though we are not doing it on purpose, we are creating results we do not want that are causing us to suffer. If we can learn to apply the principles of The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and the Law of Cause and Effect along with effective mind management, we can begin to enjoy and create a much more joyful life. Join me in the Brain BS Podcast to discuss this further.

If this blog post is really resonating with you and you don’t need to hear anything more, let’s set up a time to do a free 60- minute consult so I can give you an idea of what it would be like to work with me around Universal Laws and learning to manage your mind effectively I don’t care if the problem is that you don’t have a man, or you hate the man you have. It all works the same. Universal Law applies to every situation and every person without exception. Come on, let’s do it and go into 2022 with a different outlook so you can get different results! Go to to sign up for a free consult!

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