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42)Change Must Begin in Our Minds

This week in The Brain BS Blog and Podcast we will explore how internal change is necessary first if we are trying to achieve something new. I will share my evolution as an entrepreneur to illustrate what this has looked like for me and how it relates to the Law of Attraction. We will also discuss how humans tend to forget that people change and how that can work against us.

Okay, let’s start with how change has to begin in our minds if we are evolving as a human. In order to achieve anything new, it is going to require us to make internal shifts first. We cannot keep the same mindset if we want to create a new result. Remember thoughts trigger feelings, those lead to actions and give us our results. Different thoughts will create different feelings. In order to achieve a new result, we need to find the thoughts that will cultivate the emotion that will inspire us to take the necessary actions.

For example, when I began my business, I tried to create my website on my own. I was trying to save money, so I used Go Daddy tutorials to show me how to create the website step by step, and I used my own photos even though they were a little grainy and less than ideal. I was trying to go the cheapest route because I did not believe in myself yet. I spent way more hours than I care to admit trying to create that website, and I shed way too many tears of frustration when getting overwhelmed by the technology. The result was that my website was not very good. Even though my goal was to make 100K my first year, I was not conducting myself like the owner of a 100K business and that was creating results I did not want. It takes time and perseverance to uncover and understand the thoughts that are giving us our current results. Only after we do that, can we replace them with believable thoughts that can give us a different outcome. As Bob Proctor likes to say, “if we can see it in our head, we can hold it in our hand”. Once I realized I had to make internal shifts first to achieve new external results, I began the process of reprogramming my subconscious for success.

In the process of letting go of self-defeating thoughts and emotions, I started to believe in myself more. As a result, my actions changed. I hired a woman to help me with my website, which was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I still created all of my own content, but she put it all together for me. She also helped me to buy stock photos, gave me suggestions for how to word my copy, and taught me how to make my own edits to my website. By the time my website was created, I was not the same woman I used to be. I evolved and learned and changed the way I was thinking, which led to a website I could be proud of. As I continued to evolve and change the way I was thinking, I hired a professional photographer to replace the stock photos and updated the copy. My website is always a work in progress and reflects what is going on in my mind, and it reflects a successful business owner now.

Another area of my business that required me to make a monumental inner shift was becoming a woman who created a podcast. I kept thinking about doing it but just could not pull the trigger. I ordered the equipment but could not bring myself to learn how to use it and actually start recording the podcast. My history with technology was contentious and the idea that I could learn how to do this by myself seemed impossible. It never occurred to me that support was available to me if I sought it out. I kept envisioning how challenging it would be and continued to avoid the uncomfortable emotions that come with doing something new and intimidating. It took me approximately six months and getting sick of myself, to change my mindset and decide it was time to do it. When I switched gears from avoidance to determination, I was motivated to spend the money to purchase a course on how to get the podcast broadcasted to all of the different venues. If I kept thinking in terms of avoidance, I would not have purchased the program to help me. It took me changing my mind and deciding it was time, and that inspired me to take different actions that lead to a published podcast. The learning curve was steep though, haha! In the beginning, it took me about six hours to create my five-minute trailer. Happy to report that it goes much quicker these days as I produce this 42nd episode, because I am not the same person. I have evolved into a woman with a podcast because I was willing to change the way I was thinking before I had evidence that I could do it. I had to believe in myself enough and trust the process, before I could get that result. Now I have confidence in relation to podcasting. This is how it works!

In terms of The Brain BS™ Blog, I remember learning that a weekly blog on the same topic as my podcast could give me more clarity on what I wanted to say. I loved doing the podcast, but it was not always smooth sailing at first. I initially did not even have an outline in front of me when I was doing it and could lose my direction in the middle of speaking. That challenge led me to believe that becoming a blogger could benefit me and the podcast because it would help me to organize my mind and message. Since writing has always been a strength of mine, it did not require much of an internal shift to become a blogger except for the technology piece. I had to learn how to do the blog on my website and that required some effort on my part. Because I had already learned how to do a podcast though, my belief in myself grew and my thought at this point was I can learn how to do anything with technology if I set my mind to it! After making that transition to learning how to do a blog, my podcast improved, and it requires less time and effort to produce an episode now. Are you seeing a pattern here? If we settle for what we have now, we won’t be inspired to change at all. We have to desire more and align our thoughts accordingly, to keep evolving to that next level and better version of ourselves.

Alright, so at this point I had my pretty website and an interesting blog and podcast I could claim as my own, but my business was not where I wanted it to be. I was not getting enough clients and I was not making as much money as I wanted. That result had to be because of the way I was thinking, so my job now was to figure out what Brain BS™ was standing between me and what I wanted. Well, I discovered there was a lot!

For beginners, I started uncovering a few money beliefs that were totally holding me back. For the purpose of this post, I am only going to share a few because I want to do another podcast episode on money and scarcity because it is a common problem for many of us. The thoughts that stood out to me at this point were, I don’t know how to make money being a coach, this is hard, and I feel bad for the people who cannot afford my coaching. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that these thoughts were not going to get me to the next level. I did A LOT of work on money and was able to replace those old thoughts with ones that were more inspiring to me. The thoughts I focus on now are I know exactly how to make money, making money is easy, and my financial success is inevitable. Making the shift from thoughts of scarcity to one’s that triggered abundance, led to different actions. Understanding that I truly had to believe in myself and find thoughts to support that, inspired me to invest in myself in a way that I had not up until that point. Here I was trying to get people to pay me for my coaching, but I was not willing to pay for my own coaching. I wanted to make money, but I did not want to spend any more money to make that happen. When I cleaned up my thinking and invested in my own 1:1 coach, the Universe got the message that I was serious about my business and ready to handle success and more money. I finally learned that the Universe won’t give us more than we can handle because it wants us to get what we desire. If we are not ready, it will protect us until we learn the necessary lessons to get ready. We like to make this a problem, but I assure you it is not.

This is where Law of Attraction comes in! This law dictates that what we put out to the Universe is what comes back to us. If I am not demonstrating that I am fully committed to myself and my business, the Universe is going to respond to that lower frequency because that is the way Law of Attraction works. Even if I am doing all of the “right” things, my lack of belief in myself will still be the point of attraction. This is probably also a good time to remind you that we cannot trick the Universe regarding our vibration and frequency. That is why it is so important to understand our brains so we can ensure a vibration that supports a higher frequency in our subconscious. Becoming an entrepreneur is such an opportunity for personal growth because we have to become so intimate with the relationship we have with ourselves and become the master of our own minds. Talk about reclaiming your personal power! It does not get any better than this!

So now that we have been reminded of how the Law of Attraction works, I want to look at how us humans tend to think of other humans as rigid and fixed and why that is not a good thing to do. I have a personal example that I want to share with you to illustrate this point. About a month ago, I was out to dinner with my husband and relatives on his side of the family. We were talking about college football, and they brought up what an intense Ohio State fan I am. They recalled how I hung a skeleton dressed up in a Michigan football uniform from the balcony of my old house 15 years ago! LOL, I totally understand this would not be politically correct these days with the spotlight on mental health, but the whole idea was meant to be funny. I will also admit I used to be a pretty intense Buckeye back in the day….ummm like 15 years ago, but I am a totally different fan these days! After losing both my mother and father, my perception of life changed in fundamental ways. I no longer get worked up over silly football games like I once did. I still think it is a blast to watch and get excited in the moment, but I would never let a loss ruin my day the way I would have in the past. So long story short, my relatives were still seeing the old me and were totally unaware of the present-day fan that I actually am. If I am being perceived incorrectly as a football fan, it has to be happening in other areas of my life too.

The truth is I am not the same human I was a couple decades back and have evolved in every area of my life. For instance, my political views and approach have changed significantly. I used to get so worked up when people had political disagreements and would shut down in order to protect myself. I literally would become flustered and exasperated the second somebody voiced an opinion that was not the same as mine. I have since learned that we are all entitled to our opinions and are not supposed to all agree. How do I know that? Because in the history of the world there has never been a time where everybody agreed on anything! I have also learned there is no single right or wrong way to do anything, and I have no control over another human’s behavior. I know now that the only thing I have control over is my mind and I empower myself with that knowledge on a daily basis. As a result, I am calm, centered and grounded the majority of the time. We must remember that humans are dynamic beings who are always in the state of evolving. So if you are holding a grudge against somebody for something they did decades before, you might want to take a look at the situation from the present moment! Holding on to negative feelings about other humans only hurts the human holding onto them and it most definitely will lower your point of attraction.

In conclusion, whenever we are trying to make a change or do something new, it must begin with our mind. I shared with you some of the changes I had to make to experience growth and success as an entrepreneur, to illustrate the importance of mind management around making changes. We also talked about how important it is to keep our vibration and frequency high to reap the benefits of the Law of Attraction. Lastly, we need to remember that humans change and are dynamic beings so holding grudges against a previous version of a person, is a waste of energy. The only one who suffers is the one holding the grudge; it lowers their vibration, makes them feel crappy, and keeps the Universe from giving them what they want because they are not ready to handle it. Join me in The Brain BS™ Podcast to discuss this further.

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