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Learn toTrust Yourself to Make All the Decisions and Have Fun Doing It Your Way!

Can you imagine believing in yourself so much that you look inward for all the answers instead of outward?


What if I told you that coaching and/or business can actually be fun, aligned with your purpose, and totally sustainable?


Can you even envision what it would be like to feel calm, centered and grounded in your success BEFORE the money even showed up?

I know it's hard to believe any of that is possible when you feel like your nervous system is on the verge of a breakdown and you are beyond burnout.

I totally get how you are feeling because I have been there. It's exhausting to look around you and think everybody else has it figured out but you.

To be at your wits end because you spent thousands of dollars on self-help and business coaches and you are no closer to that elusive "success" you keep hearing so much about.

But I promise you, nothing has gone wrong. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. It is possible to find success if you are willing to accept that it is an inside job! 

Introducing Mastering Brain BS™ For the Struggling Coach:

An online course for coaches who are ready to clean up their energy and try a spiri-practical approach to business.
The bonuses are not too shabby either:
The Collaborative Coaching Capital Community
The Collaborative Coaching Directory on my website!


 Focus on Who You Are Being

Understand the difference between how you are DOING coaching and/or business and who you are BEING and the energy you are emitting out to the Universe.


Uncomfortable Emotions

Learn how to manage your emotions, refrain from judging them, and get adept at feeling and releasing them. You will also acquire the skill of interpreting the message your emotions are sending you and create emotional safety wherever you may be.


Hidden Commitments

Discover your subconscious and unconscious programming that inspires you to sabotage yourself, and learn how to recalibrate your inner GPS for conscious success by asking yourself the correct questions.


 Subconscious Brain Filters

Separating fact from fiction in your mind and becoming aware of patterns, themes and lenses that emerge in your interactions with others.


Create Spiritual Abundance

Choose metrics that work for you in business and learn how to actively receive pleasure through your senses so your nervous system can support the Divine Timing of success.


Do Business Your Way!

Learn to totally believe in yourself and trust your intuition to make all the decisions in your personal and professional life by taping into the wisdom of Human Design, Eckhart Tolle, and Universal Law and developing a daily practice.

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Wanna know why a spiri-practical approach wins over the"right way" approach every single time?

  • Because subconscious and unconscious programming are way louder than any thoughts you can try to believe so they MUST be addressed.

  • Law of Attraction dictates that no amount  of actions will get you the results you desire if your frequency is low due to fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

  • Spiritual abundance must be created within you first before you will see it in your environment. Not the other way around!

  • You are meant to inspire others with your authenticity and share your originality with the world in a way that aligns with your inner-purpose. Nobody else can tell you how to do that.

  • Collaboration over competition collectively raises the vibration of the planet and permits all of us to enjoy success together.

Imagine a life where:

  • You totally believe in you 100% and trust yourself to easily make all the decisions in your business.

  • You feel so successful and full of joy on a daily basis that you can't help but attract more abundance to you.

  • You stay calm, centered and grounded in your self-belief by developing and committing to a daily spiri-practical practice 

  • You are so confident and secure in yourself, that you gladly endorse and support other coaches for the good of the planet and all of human kind.

  • You feel totally supported by the Universe in everything you do!

  • You love yourself so deeply and care more about what you think about you than what anybody else might think about you.


This is available to you if you have the courage to trust in the power of the Universe

Mastering Brain BS™ For Success: For The Struggling Coach

Let's take a closer look inside!

Module1: Who You Are Being in Coaching

Module 2: How You Are Doing Coaching

Module 3: Embracing Uncomfortable Emotions

Module 4:Identifying Subconscious Brain Filters

Module 5: Unconscious Self vs. Conscious Self

Module 6: Accessing Your Inner GPS

Module 7: Creating Conscious Business Models

Module 8: Creating & Receiving Abundance

Module 9: Committing to a Daily Routine

Module 10: The Spiri-Practical Components

Module 11: Doing It Your Way

Module 12: Next Steps

I know how important your time is to you, so I consciously chose to make all the videos short (10 minutes or less) and super impactful in the event you don't have time to do the accompanying handout when watching them.

Each module also has a Call To Action that will get you closer to who you want to be in business.

I also created a comprehensive action workbook with in-depth handouts for a deep dive into all your Brain BS and lots of room for note taking. Strongly recommend making this a priority.





1) Entry into the Collaborative Coaching Capital Community where you will be eligible to receive a Capital Fund Grant.

2) Entry into a Directory of Collaborative Coaches on The Brain BS Website

See more below.

Collaborative Coaching Capital Fund

Here is the coolest thing of all! Not only will completing the DIY course help you to live more consciously in your own business and professional life, it will help other people to do the same. For every 10th course sold, $100.00 will be deposited into the Collaborative Coaching Capital Fund. A Capital Fund Grant(s) will be awarded to one or more coaches (based on my discretion) who inspire me because of their commitment to collaboration and living consciously.


The recipient can then choose to use the grant for something beneficial to them and their community, or they can pay it forward to somebody or a business who will then do something that benefits their community.

Once the grant is awarded, the recipient will be featured on my website sharing their inspirational story of how the grant was applied. The Collaborative Coaching Capital Community will hear all the awesome things that came about because of the way the grant was used. All the coaches participating in the community will also be featured on my website in the Collaborative Coaches Directory where they can provide their website links for the general public.  We are all collectively here to support one another and raise the vibration of the planet together!

So what do you say? Are you ready to raise your vibration for your sake and the sake of the planet? 

Mastering Brain BS™ For Success: For the Struggling Coach.
Purchase Online Course $100

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