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Mastering Brain BS Coaching Program

Mastering Brain BS for Success Program

The Brain BS Coach brings you face to face with your biggest challenges in a supportive and safe space and shows you how to mange your emotions effectively and reprogram the internal programming (Brain BS) that is keeping you from getting what you really want.

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Mastering Brain BS for Success Program
Mastering Brain BS for Success Program

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Time is TBD

Mastering Brain BS Coaching Program

About the Program

Can you imagine showing up to the world where you feel safe to be your true authentic self in both your personal and professional realtionships? Where you don’t say yes when you really want to say no, and you learn how to make your needs a priority even when it might disappoint somebody else. A world where you love yourself so much that the only opinion of you that truly matters is your own. Wouldn't that be amazing?

What  if I told you that regardless of your age, this is not only accessible  to you, but also inevitable if you make your relationship with yourself and living consciously a priority in  your life? I know that might be hard to believe if you are feeling like I was when I came upon this work. I was not in a good place. I felt depressed, inadequate, insignificant, and invisible  because of years of squashing down my feelings and age related changes that left me feeling empty inside. I was also trying to be an entrepreneur for the first time in my late 50s and it was causing me a great deal of suffering because I did not believe in myself. 

Turns out my age was not really the problem which is good news because I have no control over that! The real problem was that I was not listening to my heart at all and I was using my mind to try to figure everything out. I was avoiding uncomfortable feelings at all cost and making them a huge problem.  My mindset and internal programming (Brain BS) was running the show and I didn't even know it! Believe it or not, that is the problem in any situation where you do not have the results you think you want. At some point if you want to have peace of mind and feel fulfilled, you have to  stop looking outside yourself for the answers and to go inward where you can learn to trust yourself to make all the decisions personally and professionally. I can tell you first hand that there is nothing better!

In this 10 week virutal program that is custom designed to address your own unique Brain BS that is keeping you from experiencing success, you will learn to go inward for all the answers. After working as an occupational therapists for decades and achieving a Masters of Education and a Doctorate of OT, I know that everybody has their own specific way of learning and developing enough trust to open up and really share what is going on inside them. That is why I offer to take you through the program individually, with somebody else, or in a small group.  

If you are the private type who is ready to do a deep dive on yourself, pay a little more and sign up for the individual coaching at $1500. 

If you are primarily challenged by a particular relationship with a significant other or some type of partner, choose the option for two which costs a bit less and I can help you in real time to improve your relationship together at $1200 per person. 

If you are like me and love small groups and getting exposed to a variety of ways to look at situations and people, you might want to save a little money and do the small group coaching option at $1000 per person. Maybe you and a few of your coworkers are challenged by a toxic work enviornment and are at your wits end.  Or maybe you want to do the program with other family members because you are dealing with an aging parent or some type of crisis. Could be you are a  coach who is trying to be an entrepreneur and you think doing the program with other coaches would be beneficial (it would be!). 

Whichever option you choose, you will not be the same person at the end of this program. You will begin to listen to the messages your body has been sending you for decades and open up communication with your intuition. You will develop a deep insight into your subconscious programming and the filters through which you look at life that usually put you in a powerless victim mode. You will understand why you react like you do when you get triggered by certain people  or challening situations. You will learn to let go of shame and stop hiding everything about yourself that you think is "bad" and learn to embrace your imperfections with an open and loving heart. Your relationship with yourself (yes! you have one!) will become much more transparent and honest and that will have a positive ripple effect on all of your relationships. You won't worry what other people are thinking about you nearly as much because you will totally love yourself and the way you are showing up to your personal and professional life. Sound good?

I know life can be hectic and kind of unpredictable at times, so I give you 15 weeks to complete the program. That allows for 5 opportunities to reschedule a 60 miniute Zoom session and as long as it happens prior to 24 hours before our scheduled time, you will not forfeit a session ( emergencies considered on an individual basis).  Meeting once a week is the standard in the coaching industry, but I am willing to be flexible with what works best for my clients, so if that means doing multiple sessions in a week over a shorter period of time that is available to you as well.

If you have any questions about the program, email me at or message me on Facebook and we can hop on a call!


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