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Mastering Brain BS™ for the Struggling Coach

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Mastering Brain BS™ For The Struggling Coach is the path that led me from internal scarcity to abundance and helped me to create a nervous system that could support success. When I first started my business journey, I had no idea that my inner GPS was full of unconscious and subconscious programming that would lead me astray and cause me so much suffering! I looked outside myself for all the answers because it never occurred to me that all the solutions to my problems were within me. I compared myself to everybody else and thought I was the only one that could not figure it out. I just knew what I was doing was not sustainable and I was getting so burnt out. I spent a small fortune on hiring business coaches who were no help at all! Turns out that was the best think ever because it inspired me to step back and start over. I went from looking outward for all the answers to going inward and developing a solid belief foundation in myself. I learned to trust myself to make all the decisions in both my professional and personal life . I combined elements from Human Design, Eckhart Tolle, Universal Laws, and all the amazing self help books I have read to create a spiri-practical approach to life that unleashed my authenticity and originality in amazing ways. In this course I am going to show you how I did that and why it is possible for you too if you are inspired to do the work and commit to living consciously. It's time to have some fun and start doing business your way!

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