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The Collaborative Capital Coaching Community

Where we approach coaching with a Spiri-Practical perspective and focus on  service and collaboration over making money and competition.

Are you a coach who practices living consciously and interested in selling your services with integrity and transparency?


Would you be willing to share your pricing with potential clients, so that they can determine on their own if they can afford you?


Can you approach coaching from an abundant mindset, which means collaboration over competition and putting service ahead of making money?


I know this might seem contrary to some of the stuff we learned at the Life Coach School and other certification programs.


We were led to believe that there is a “right way” to do business and that the only metric for success was money.


This caused me a great deal of suffering because I just could not figure out that “right way”.


When I finally realized that was all Brain BS™ and I could do business” my way” everything changed!


Introducing The Collaborative Coaching Capital Community (C4):

A collaborative community of authentic coaches who believe in the power of community and making coaching more accessible to those in need.

If this sounds like something you might want to be a part of I would love to talk with you to determine if you are good fit for the community. You can click on any of the links on this page and it will take you to my home page to schedule a free connection call.

You can also message me on Facebook or email me at to set up a time to chat.


 Service Over Money

Don't get me wrong, we are all about coaches making money but when that takes precedence over what is truly in the best interest of the client, that is where we draw the line. This can be a grey area particularly around renewal time and when we need to pay our bills because our own needs can impact our judgment. This is where trust comes in that if we stay in service, our needs will be met.


Collaboration Over Competition

We believe the that way of the future is to work together and that there is more than enough success to go around. So when a client is not a good match for us, we happily help them find a coach or a program that is. In fact, we provide all kinds of opportunities for potential clients to get exposure to C4 coaches so they can take their time building a trusting relationship with that coach before they hire them.


Transparent Pricing

Too often potential clients waste their time on going on a consult only to find out that they cannot remotely afford the coaching being offered. In C4 we let them know our pricing in advance and accommodate all income levels. This is the way to begin an open and honest relationship with a coach.

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Selling With Integrity

Many of us coaches have been taught to overcome objections and encourage potential clients to go into debt to receive our coaching. In C4 we trust the clients to know what they can afford and we don't manipulate them to get a sale. We also provide them with options for coaching at a price they feel comfortable paying. 


Spiri-Practical  Approach

The coaches in C4 approach coaching and life from a spiritual perspective. We believe that living consciously is the #1priority in both our personal and professional life. We teach our clients how to practically apply spiritual  principles to their daily life  from leadership energy to raise the vibration of the community and the frequency of the entire planet! 


We Are All in This Together!

We are all more alike than we are different and we are wired to connect with and support one another. It is up to us coaches to role model what this looks like, so we can inspire others and have a ripple effect on the world. Listen, our government and systems that are currently in place are not sufficient. We need to rise up as a collective to inspire the masses!

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Wanna know why I believe in the power of coaches coming together over trying to succeed on your own?

  • Well for beginners, it's just more fun when we are apart of a like-minded community doing this work together!

  • Law of Attraction dictates that no amount  of actions will get you the results you desire if your frequency is low due to fear, doubt, and uncertainty. When we are in it together we are less likely to dwell in those emotions.

  • Spiritual abundance must be created within us first before we will see it in our environment and when we feel deep connections with other humans we cultivate more of that.

  • We are meant to inspire others with our authenticity and share our originality with the world in a way that aligns with our inner-purpose. There is nothing more powerful than bringing together empowered humans to do this as a collective.

  • Collaboration over competition collectively raises the vibration of the planet and permits all of us to succeed together.

Imagine a world where:

  • We inspire clients to totally believe in themselves 100% and trust themselves to easily make all the decisions in both their personal and professional life.

  • We help clients to feel so successful and full of joy on a daily basis that they can't help but attract more abundance to them.

  • We help clients to stay calm, centered and grounded in their self-belief by helping them to develop and commit to a daily spiri-practical practice. 

  • We help clients to feel so confident and secure in themselves, that they gladly endorse and support other humans for the good of the planet.

  • We help clients to feel totally supported by the Universe in everything they do!

  • We help clients to love themselves so deeply that they care more about what they think about themselves than what anybody else might think about them.


This is available to you if you have the courage to trust in the power of the Universe

The Collaborative Capital Coaching Community (C4)

       Let's take a closer look inside!

  • Get featured on in The Collaborative Coaching Directory page with a small bio, a pic, and a link for potential clients to learn more about you.

  • Access to The Brain BS Community for exposure to potential clients and a chance to perfect your pitches, get feedback on your offers, and sell your services.

  • Opportunities to collaborate both online and in person with myself and the community.

  • Brainstorm and connect with like-minded coaches and teachers in a group call that takes place every other week. Additional calls provided upon request.

  • Develop close bonds with like-minded coaches who have been screened and chosen selectively to be a part of this community because they are a good energetic match.




Because C4 is all about giving back to community, 10% of the proceeds from this annual membership will be deposited into a Capital Grant Fund. At the end of each quarter, the grant(s) will be awarded to a coach or coaches who demonstrate(s) consistency in living consciously and inspiring others to do the same.

That recipient(s) will then use that money to do something that will benefit them or their community or pay that grant forward to somebody in need. The ultimate recipient of the grant will come back to the community to inspire us with how they used the money and we will then share that story outside the community to inspire others.

The Collaborative Coaching Capital Community (C4)
Annual Membership Fee $100

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