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Learn how to master your Brain BS™ for success and create a nervous system to support it!


Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy, Ohio State University, 1996

Masters of Education, National Louis University, 2011

Doctor of Occupational Therapy, St. Catherine University, 2019

Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School, 2020

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Inspiring people to come together as a conscious community where we support one another and make our emotional and mental health the #1 priority.

Have you read every self-help book ever written but just can't figure out how to apply what you learned to your life? Maybe you considered getting a coach but you don't know who to trust and are too afraid to pull the trigger?

If you are like the majority of people, you are probably operating in automatic mode and not living your life consciously. Short description of that is you believe all the Brain BS (your subconscious and unconscious programming) your mind offers you and do a lot of emotional reacting and very little thoughtful responding as a result of that. This can cause all kinds of needless suffering and problems in your relationships.

Lucky for you, you are in the right place and I can help you. Check out my free course that comes with a community where you can ask questions about the course and get the support you need.  You can also save yourself a great deal of time and needless suffering by scheduling a connection call with me to explore what it would look like to go through the course with me 1:1 at a deeper level. Either way, I promise you will not regret investing in yourself and creating the life you always wanted but did not think was possible for you.

If you learn to live consciously:


  • You will love yourself and have your own back in both your personal and professional relationships.

  • You will know how to set healthy boundaries and have the courage to reinforce them consistently. 

  • You will feel emotionally safe and show up to the world as your authentic self.

  • You will go inward for the answers and trust yourself to make all the decisions.

  • You will be ready to leave the past behind, spend more time in the present, and be excited about the future

Listen, it is a no-brainer to take advantage of my free course and/ or a free connection call to get this process started.No matter what happens on the call, you will leave it as a more enlightened and informed version of you than how you arrived. You have my word on that as the Brain BS Coach.

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