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Learn how to master your Brain BS™ for success and create a nervous system to support it!


Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy, Ohio State University, 1996

Masters of Education, National Louis University, 2011

Doctor of Occupational Therapy, St. Catherine University, 2019

Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School, 2020

Advanced Certification in Numbing & Buffering with Rachel Hart, 2022

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Creating a collaborative community where living consciously is the priority and coaching is accessible to all.

Have you read every self-help book, paid for all the coaching, and tried every kind of therapy but still not able to reach that goal you so desperately want to achieve?

Do you make uncomfortable emotions a problem and have difficulty feeling them? 

Are you always thinking that other people are the problem and getting them to change is the solution to all of your problems?

Are you so full of fear and doubt that you look to everybody else for  the answers because you don't trust yourself at all?

Are you more worried about what other people think of you than what you think of yourself?

I am here to teach you how to master all that Brain BS™ for success and to create a nervous system to support it.
What does that look like?

It looks like you building a solid belief foundation in yourself, so you can feel confident in the decisions you make on a daily basis around EVERYTHING in your life.

It looks like you learning to manage your emotions and reprogram your subconscious to develop a nervous system and mindset that can actually support taking positive actions toward your goals. 

It looks like you getting to define what success means to you and how to measure it in a way that creates more abundance.

It looks like you finally achieving those elusive goals and feeling amazing about yourself.

When you finish working with me, you will love yourself and have your own back in both your personal and professional relationships.

You will know how to set healthy boundaries and have the courage to reinforce them consistently. 

You will feel emotionally safe and have an open heart to create amazing results like you never have before. 

You will be ready to leave the past behind, spend more time in the present, and be excited about the future.

Listen, it is a no-brainer to schedule a free connection call with me to see how my custom life coaching services can help you! Rest assured that either I can help you within your budget restraints or I can hook you up with somebody else who can.

No matter what happens on the call, you will leave it as a more enlightened and informed version of you than how you arrived. You have my 
word on that as the Brain BS Coach.


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