I empower men and women to master their brain BS so they can reduce needless suffering. 


Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy, Ohio State University, 1996

Masters of Education, National Louis University, 2011

Doctor of Occupational Therapy, St. Catherine University, 2019

Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School, 2020

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Inspiring every human with a brain to make their emotional and mental health the #1 priority.

Have you read every self-help book known to mankind and tried every kind of therapy, but it is still not working?
Are you being looked over for promotions at work because you are playing small and afraid to speak up? 
Do you struggle in relationships because you always think you are doing something wrong or that you are not good enough? 

Are you full of resentment because you never make yourself a priority and then blame everybody else for it?
Are you constantly worried about what other people think of you and exhausted from people-pleasing?
Are you afraid of getting older and worried that the best years of your life are behind you?
Are you over weight because you are relying on eating and drinking to numb your feelings?
Are you just sick of suffering and ready to do whatever it takes to feel better?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you are in the right place! 

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