The Brain BS Community

An exclusive online community where Brave Brainiacs challenge their brain BS to achieve what they once thought was impossible.

What if I told you that you have what it takes to create whatever results you want but you have to try something different?

Would you play it safe and continue with the same old-same old? Brave Brainiacs want more. and are ready for change.

What if I told you that your only problem is you? Would that be good news or bad news?

The answer is that it is good news! That means all of the solutions to your problems are within you. Brave Brainiacs learn how to take control of their emotional lives and stop blaming others or circumstances for the way they are feeling.

What if I told you that it is ok to not be happy all the time? Would you believe that you can have a more fulfilling life by experiencing both comfortable and uncomfortable emotions? 

Brave Brainiacs do not strive to be happy all of the time. They welcome the discomfort that comes with personal growth and are open to the whole human experience. 

What if I told you that you can do whatever you want in life if you love yourself? Would you be open to taking on the challenge of really believing in yourself and having your own back?

Brave Brainiacs know that if they love themselves, they can achieve whatever results they desire with passion and confidence.

What if I told you it does not matter what happened in the past or what might happen in the future? Would you be able to relinquish control and live fully in the present moment? 

Brave Brainiacs relinquish control and fully embrace their lives in the now. They know that regretting yesterday and worrying about tomorrow is a wast of time.

What if I told you that your needs are as important as the rest of your family? Would you be open to making yourself a priority?

Brave Brainiacs are brave enough to stop the people-pleasing and set healthy boundaries so they can show up to themselves and their family in a kind and loving way.

What if I told you that the best years of your life are ahead of you even if you are over 50? Would you be open to the possibility? 

Brave Brainiacs embrace getting older and are not afraid of age related changes. They know that resisting reality causes suffering and they fully accept themselves as they are.


Meet the Coach

Maureen Kafkis (MK) wanted to create an online community for women who were in need of support and coaching. She wanted to energize women who somehow thought they took a wrong turn in life and were not where they were supposed to be. She wanted to show them that their life is playing out exactly the way it is supposed to be and that to think otherwise is just brain BS. She envisioned a place where women could go to look inward, reframe their approach to life, and learn how to reclaim their personal power moving forward. MK has been working on her personal growth for years and understands that the only limitations we have exist in our heads. MK wants to help women challenge the BS in their brains so they can go after " the impossible" with confidence and power!

The Brave Brainiacs helping to build The Brain BS Community can join the Annual Plan Membership for one payment of $300.00, which is $25.00 per month! Brave Brainiacs that help build the online community benefit from this super cheap, LOCKED RATE for life as long as they continue their member-ship.  The membership program includes two weekly group coaching calls on Zoom with other like minded women, learning how to identify and manage Brain BS, as well as accessibility to educational lessons and workshops. Members also have access to discounted rates for individual coaching sessions with MK. You get all of this at a very affordable rate because MK wants to show appreciation for all the Brave Brainiacs helping her to build the community. Once the community is up and running, the price for the annual membership fee will stay the same for the original members and go up significantly for new members.Do not wait to act on this amazing opportunity because membership will close soon and not reopen until the spring! 


The Brain BS Community gives you access to everything MK is learning at The Life Coach School from Master Coach Brooke Castillo. MK will give you quality coaching at an amazingly low rate and give you the support you need. Instead of just complaining in online facebook groups or beating yourself up quietly, you can finally get some real solutions to the problems in your life and learn how to detect and manage your own Brain BS.


Do not miss this amazing opportunity to get life-changing coaching for a fraction of the normal cost. This is what we call an irresistible offer! It is time to invest in yourself and become the Brave Brainiac you always wanted to be! It is time to identify and manage your brain BS to get the life you want!

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 Brave Brainiacs Membership Privileges

Deconstructing Bran BS

MK outlines a specific process to identify and manage your Brain BS. This process is the cornerstone of the Brave Brainiac Community and essential for managing Brain BS.

Ask MK 

 You will learn how to manage and identify your Brain BS through a specific process called Deconstructing Brain BS.You can access MK here to ask questions about the process and get feedback on your work .

Weekly Zoom Calls

Each week MK will host a minimum of one Zoom call for members. You can raise your hand and get asked to be coached on anything in these sessions. Because we all experience similar challenges as women, It is not unusual to experience profound transformations from listening to somebody else getting coached. As the community grows, we will add additional coaching calls.

Educational Opportunities

MK provides handouts and/or educational videos on various topics and provides 30-minute workshops related to identifying and managing the BS in your brain.

Come on already!

It is time to make yourself a priority and learn how to navigate your life with self-coaching. Enough of beating yourself up and the negative self-talk! Enough of wishing things could be different but not having the initiative to make it happen! Enough of valuing other people’s opinions over your own! Enough of not feeling good enough simply because you don't have children.  Enough of not loving yourself and all of your imperfections! Enough of beating yourself up for being a woman with a human brain! Enough of the Enoughs!

Join The Brain BS Online Community

and empower yourself through coaching, support and life-long learning. Become the   Brave Brainiac you always wanted to be! One who can manage any situation, be with anyone, and show up in an authentic and meaningful way. One who is not threatened by a little rejection or gets rattled by criticism. One who embraces the life she is living and loves herself. Brave Brainiacs are brave enough to tolerate any uncomfortable emotion in order to achieve personal growth. They know they are supported by MK, will never have to stand alone again and love themselves enough to have their own back.

The Brave Brainiac Manifesto

Brave Brainiacs want more out of life and welcome the discomfort that comes with personal growth and success.

Brave Brainiacs have the courage to look within and take responsibility for their emotional health and well-being.

Brave Brainiacs stay focused on how they show up in their lives instead of attempting to control others.

Brave Brainiacs are invested in evolving to their highest potential and want to support other like-minded women.

Brave Brainiacs do not quit or give up. They are resilient and persevere to overcome challenges and adversity.

Brave Brainiacs embrace their imperfections and scoff at societal expectations. They are authentic and love themselves just the way they are.

Brave Brainiacs know how to identify and manage their Brain BS to get what they want out of life.

The only thing standing between you and the life you want is your Brain BS

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