Hello Self-Love, So Long Brain BS

Step 1:  Remove all of your clothing and stand naked before the mirror and look at your body and face objectively. Listen to all the negative self-talk in your head while you do this and pay attention to the way you are feeling as you look at your image. Are you noticing wrinkles on your face? Is the skin on your thighs sagging? Are you noticing cellulite where it never existed before? Are you thinking you are older than dirt? 

Now that you have taken note of what you think as you see yourself, let’s explore your feelings. Are you feeling disgust? Self-loathing? Fear? Judgment? Depression? Hopelessness? Powerlessness? Just stand there and let all of the feelings be there and wash over you. Do not try to resist them or turn away from the mirror. Just stand there with all of the negativity and uncomfortable emotions. Then notice, this is the experience of what happens when you look at your image in the mirror through the lens of Brain BS. 

Step 2: Brain BS is all the useless and destructive thoughts that were going on in your head when you were looking in the mirror. I will give you some examples of the BS that used to go through my head before I learned how to manage it.

a) My skin should have better elasticity (even though I am 57yo.)
b) I am no longer a vibrant and attractive woman.
c) I am too old to lose weight.
d) Becoming invisible is just a part of aging for women
e) I should have surgery to tighten up this skin and make me look younger
f) It is normal to give up on myself and stop worrying about what I look like
g) OMG I am getting so freaking fat and old!
h) Getting older is horrible 
I) Now I know what bat wings are!
J) I will just not wear shorts, sleeveless tops, or a bathing suit anymore even though it is 100 degrees outside!
k) I dread turning 60 

  • I could go on and on with examples, but you get the idea. When we measure our self- worth and our value by the way we look and the age of our bodies, that is brain BS.

  • When we subscribe to society’s notion that we are never supposed to look old regardless of our age, that is brain BS.

  • When we stop loving our amazing faces, bodies and minds just the way they are, that is brain BS.

  • When we stop treating ourselves with respect and self-love because we are aging, that is brain BS.

Step 3: Ok, let’s try the exercise in front of the mirror again but this time when our mind offers us brain BS, we will counter it with something stronger and more powerful. For example, when I see sagging skin on my body, I can take a moment to be grateful that I have a healthy layer of skin to protect me from the environment and I have never experienced any serious skin conditions throughout my entire life.


Another example is I dread turning 60. The alternative would be to be dead before 60 so I am pretty sure that is the worst kind of brain BS! I want you to go through all of the thoughts you listed and counter them with a way that you can look at your image with love and gratitude. Create an actual list of Brain BS thoughts with the counter-thoughts next to them and tape the list to your mirror. Refer to that list whenever the Brain BS tries to take over again.

Step 4: Now I want you to get close to the mirror and sincerely apologize to you and your 
image for how hard you have been on yourself.

  • I want you to dig deep for the love and compassion that you freely give to your friends and family and give it to yourself.

  • I want you to look closely into your eyes and passionately promise yourself you will never, ever let yourself down like that again.

  • I want you to promise yourself that you will always have your own back and never stop loving yourself simply because you are a human who ages. 

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